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CHL/LTC Classes

Ready to get your license to carry? We can help! Here at Marksman Range we have a classroom with some of the most qualified instructors you can find. We’ll teach you everything you need to know in order to be safe and qualified to carry.

What to Bring to License to Carry Class:

  1. Your Texas Driver’s License (TDL) or State ID.  Note:  Military Personnel bring DL and Military ID.
  2. A Handgun: Either a Semi-Automatic or Revolver. Note: There are no longer any caliber requirements in the state of Texas.
  3. A box of 50 rounds of factory ammunition. No reloads please. (Note: For your convenience, we have all calibers of ammunition for sale here at the range. Note: There are no longer any caliber requirements in the state of Texas.
  4. Eye and Hearing protection provided at no additional cost if you do not have your own.
  5. You must know how to shoot. (Beginning through advanced classes held by qualified instructors available here at Marksman Range at very reasonable rates. See homepage calendar or call for dates and  times)

New Licenses

You do not have to apply for your license before you take the class. It is a separate fee through the Texas Department of Public Safety and should be completed online via the DPS website (click here). We will discuss the application process at the end of the class.

When you apply online with DPS you will automatically be entered in the CHL/LTC database and can register for finger printing through L-1 Solutions Enrollment Services. Click here to set up your fingerprinting appointment (MorphoUSA).  Fingerprints will only be submitted to DPS electronically through L-1.

Finger prints are done through Identigo now. There is a link to the site at the end of the online applications. Appointments can be made through there. Indentigo still submits the fingerprints to DPS. They need to include a copy of the receipt for fingerprinting along with the LTC-100 and barcode. They should make a copy of these documents before sending the originals to DPS.

When you apply online, at the end of the application process a BAR CODE receipt will be displayed. PRINT IT.  (Be sure and give the state your e-mail address otherwise once you close that window you cannot get back to that receipt). The state will e-mail you a copy of the receipt and a Bar Code Page.  You will be mailing a copy of this Bar Code Page as well as a Form -100 (Certificate of Training) you will receive from us upon completion of the class to the address provided at the bottom of your bar code page.

Class Time

Class start times vary by date. Check homepage for a monthly class calendar.  Please call the Range at

 713-944-3520 to schedule your desired class day and time.

Class Location:

Marksman Range
507 Nebraska
South Houston TX 77587

Renewal Licenses:

NO CLASSES are required for a renewal license as of Sept. 1, 2013. Renewals will only need to re-apply with the state and follow all state requirements.


Steps to Getting a Texas Concealed Handgun License**

To earn your Texas CHL/LTC the following criteria must be met:

  1. Be 21 or older with the exception of active military who must be 18 years of age,
  2. Meet all the eligibility requirements to carry a Texas Concealed Handgun license. *** Click Here for Requirements
  3. Pass the state written exam with a 70% or better passing score.
  4. Pass the state proficiency/shooting exam with a 70% or better.

Submit the following documents:

  • A Form-100 issued to you by your CHL/LTC instructor when you have completed and passed your Texas CHL/LTC written exam and proficiency shooting exam.
  • The photo from you Texas Driver’s License or ID will be used for your concealed handgun license.
  • Submit your fingerprints thru MorphoUSA.

*** IMPORTANT NOTE *** It is the sole responsibility of each individual to determine if they are ELIGIBLE to receive a Texas Concealed Handgun License.  NO REFUNDS shall be issued after an individual has completed our training courses even if it is determined that the individual is or was NOT ELIGIBLE to receive a Texas Concealed Handgun license from the State of Texas.